Ki (somehowunbroken) wrote,

Fast Car (1/1)

Title: Fast Car
Author: somehowunbroken
Fandom: SGA/SG1
Characters: John/Cam
Word Count: 1,087
Rating: R
Notes: For [personal profile] scrollgirl, who won me in the help_nz auction and wanted John/Cam, 'I left it in my other pants' and 'speed demons.' I hope you like it!

colls recorded this as a podfic! Go listen to it!

They’re relaxing, kicking back and watching some movie that Cam rented, when Cam casually asks, “So what did you do with it?”

John lowers the beer bottle he’d been about to sip from and stares across the couch for a moment. “Must have left it in my other pants,” he finally says. “Also, what?”

Cam grins at him and takes a pull of his beer; John takes the opportunity to look at the line of Cam’s neck, the way his throat works as he swallows, and when Cam tilts his head back down and sets his beer on the table, he’s very definitely hiding a smirk. “Your car, John. When you left for Atlantis, what did you do with your car?”

“My car?” John takes a swig of his beer and thinks fondly about a dark blue Mustang, smooth black leather interior, low to the ground and smooth as butter. “Loaned her to one of the sergeants on base before I left, told him to keep her pretty for me. Why?”

Cam still has that grin on his face. “Sweet car, is all.”

“And you’re thinking about my car because…” John trails off, gesturing with his beer for Cam to fill in the rest of the sentence. Cam just nods his head at the television, where Nicolas Cage is speeding around with Angelina Jolie in what is, admittedly, a pretty nice car. It’s nothing like the Mustang, though, with its sleek curves and throaty purr and God, John suddenly wants to drive it, to see if Sergeant Lukela has kept it running well all this time.

He flashes Cam a grin. “Give me your phone,” he instructs, holding out his hand, “and I’ll see where she’s being stashed.”


Half an hour later, they’re standing in front of Lukela’s garage as the man in question fits a key into the lock and lifts the door. There’s a dust cover over the top that John definitely hadn’t had when he left the car here; his questioning glance at Lukela is met with a shrug. “Thought she might need it,” he says, and John grins and remembers exactly why he left the car with Lukela instead of just storing it somewhere.

“She got gas?” John asks, running his finger up and down the side of the key. He’s already itching to start her up.

“Supreme, and it should be near a full tank,” Lukela replies. “Are you taking her for good, or is this just for the night?”

John shrugs. “I’m on leave for a week yet,” he says. “Mind if I steal her back til I head out?”

Lukela grins wide and easy, and he twists a key from the key ring and hands it to John. “I’m offworld from Thursday to Tuesday,” he says. “Just slip the key through the mail slot when you park her.”

“You’re a good man, Lukela,” John says, clapping him on the back before opening the door. The hinges don’t squeak like they used to, and he shoots a glance at Lukela, who shrugs. For the first time, John sees that the garage has an oilcan, a bunch of wrenches, some soft cloths and buffer polish; as far as he knows, Lukela drives a beat-up Taurus. “A very good man.”

Lukela laughs and leaves with a wave, heading back into the house.

Cam slides his hand almost reverently over the frame of the car. “She’s in good condition.”

“Always kept her running pretty well,” John shrugs. “Looks like Lukela kept her looking good, too.”

Cam grins at him over the top of the car. “What are we waiting for?”


Driving is exhilarating. John always forgets, after long periods of time away from cars – say, five years stuck on a base in another galaxy – how much he really likes to drive, the freedom of a long stretch of road and an engine he trusts. It’s not like flying at all, but he gets a different kind of buzz as he takes a corner a little faster than he should have and gets a whoop from the passenger seat.

Cam looks like he’s having the time of his life, one hand resting against the dash, the other splayed out on his thigh. He’s turned a little in his seat so he’s tucked into the door, and he’s grinning at John with something wild in his eyes.

They’ve never flown together, but this – they’ve done this before, driving until they ran out of road, pulling over in a field a hundred miles from nowhere, kissing fast and messy and hot against the cooling metal of the hood. It feels like a thousand years ago, but John can see bits of who Cam was back then as he looks at his partner now, the freshly-minted lieutenant inside the careworn colonel. He’s pretty sure that Cam can see a bit of the cadet he’d once been as he looks at John.


They’re too old, too broken for a repeat of what John had been remembering, but as soon as they get Cam’s door closed, Cam’s pushing John back against the wall and nipping at his mouth.

“I forgot,” Cam gasps as John spreads his legs a little and pulls Cam in. “Forgot how damn hot you look when you’re driving like that, like the Devil himself wouldn’t be able to catch you if you had half a mind to outrun him.”

“I’m way faster,” John agrees, mouthing his way up Cam’s jaw. Cam huffs out a laugh that ends in a gasp as John presses openmouthed kisses behind Cam’s ear.

“There’s a reason we didn’t do this in the car,” Cam points out, dragging himself away from John and walking a few steps down the hall. “Bed, come on, let’s go.”

They make their way into Cam’s bedroom, pulling at clothing until they can fall to the sheets without it. It’s just as hot, just as messy as John remembers it being twenty years ago, and it warms something in his chest to realize that they still click as well now as they always have.

They’re resting together later, mostly just listening to the sounds of summer in the field behind Cam’s house, when John laughs.

“Hmm?” Cam asks, turning his head to look at John.

“You rented that movie just so you could bring up my car, didn’t you?”

Cam just smiles and closes his eyes, faking sleep, and John laughs again as he settles in for the night.

He doesn’t mind at all.</user></user></user>
Tags: charity, john/cam, rating: r, stargate
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