Ki (somehowunbroken) wrote,

Notes for you all.

Two things.

One, thanks. For all the words I write to post herem, I don't know what to say to thank everyone who reads my work, comments, and recommends it to others. I'm really honored that you like what I do and that you all write such amazing and encouraging things in your comments. I read every one and respond to mpretty much all of them because I want to let you know that I'm hearing what you're telling me, and that I really do appreciate everything. So, yeah, thanks, everyone. It means a lot.

Two, I'm not sure how much I'll be posting over the next few days. I tweaked an injury in my shoulder that makes it pretty painful to spend time doing... well, everything, but typing isn't easy right now. On the other hand, I'm pretty much housebound (yes, because of a shoulder injury, please don't ask, lol) so I might just grit my teeth and get to it. We shall see. Either way, Waiting Is The Hardest Part should be up by the beginning of next week. Hopefully. As long as it stops giving me issues and lets me write the missing scenes that just don't want to be written.

Also, quick note, got my au_bingo card, woohoo!
Tags: admin
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