January 4th, 2011

gen love is

Pimping because that's what I do. Sometimes.


I love writing. I'm assuming, if you're seeing this, that you might have gathered that much about me. I love challenges, where I'm given a prompt from which to work and have to stick with it. And I love twists on challenges.

All of this to bring me to the fact that signups have gone up for sgareversebang.

What's a reversebang? Well, think bigbang, but instead of writing a long story and then having an artist create something to go with it, it's the other way around. The artists create a piece of their choice; writers then claim a work of art and write a story (minimum this round is 10,000 words) to go with it.

I'm quite excited about it, honestly. There are some great artists signed up and I'm already considering asking if they'll let me claim two. (Um, on that note, vouch for me that I totally have the ability to write two 10,000 word fics in two months, will you, dear flist? Please?)

Signups are here on LJ and here on DW. It's the same community, run by the same people, and all work will be crossposted to both comms. Sign up for art of writing where you'd prefer to. Or at least bookmark/watch the comms - some awesome things are going to be rolling out of them in a few months!