January 16th, 2011

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Charity is good for the soul :)

Want to help with the flooding in Australia, but not sure how?

There are a bunch of fandom-related options for you! I've so far found two auctions, one at qldfloodauction - bids there end the 26th, and it's run much like help_pakistan was - and another run out of waltzmatildah's journal that ends the 23rd.

Go! Browse! Get yourself that fic you've always wanted - there are some awesome things up for grabs! there are some awesome authors that I've seen - race_the_ace is here and dizzydame is here. If you're looking for mine, I've got a post here and another here - one at each auction :)

If you've got a bit to spare, it's a good cause - the waters might have started to recede, but cleaning up and starting over for so many people is going to take a lot. And if you're not interested in anything at either auction, there's always direct donation!
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the next best thing (is just what we both needed) (1/1)

Title: the next best thing (is just what we both needed)
Author: somehowunbroken
Fandom: Sanctuary/SG1
Characters: Nikola Tesla/Sam Carter
Word Count: 1,227
Rating: NC-17/HET SEX. I feel the need to capslocky warn for that.
Notes: For sfa_pornbattle - my first Sanctuary fic! Sam.Nikola - next best thing. It's mostly angst with a little porn tossed in, sorry.

Collapse )
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Day 16

Day 16: Favorite season

I'm going to say season four. I love Carter in Atlantis, and some of my favorite episodes and favorite random quotes come from this season. Also, it's where I think some of the minor characters really hit their stride. So, yeah, season four.

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