February 14th, 2011

gen love is

Days 13 and 14, plus me squeeing all over H50

Favorite reminder that John is SMART:

It's actually right off the bat, in Rising, when they're talking about going after Sumner and Teyla and the others. Rodney asks him, all sarcastic, "Do you know how many combinations there are?" and John, without even blinking, says "720." And even Rodney's taken a little aback.

Favorite scene where all you could do was stare at John’s pants:

Oh, pretty much scenes where he's wearing pants, all of them. But maybe especially here, in The Defiant One:

And in the same episode when he's all crawling around in the sand. Yeah.

Master list of cracky questions

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And I signed up for the h50novelbang today, so that's happening too. :D