February 17th, 2011

gen love is

Days 15, 16, and 17

I do not know why I'm so terrible at remembering to do this this month. It's borderline ridiculous.

Favorite thing Lorne should have painted:
I know at least four people who are going to squee at this, because... well, Parrish.

Favorite time you wondered where everything came from, because we all saw that first episode, and that much stuff did NOT come through the Gate:
...probably about halfway through the first season, because seriously, there's no way all that ammo came through. They should have been down to bowie knives and prayers by the time The Storm/The Eye happened, but nope, stil shooting. (Also, how did Elizabeth fit all that clothing in that tiny backpack?)

Favorite “it really is Rodney’s fault” moment:
Tao of Rodney, when Rod shows up and shoves Rodney's face in everything that he's ever sort of wanted to be, secretly at least. And then at the end, when the team sorts it all out and they're being teamy and awesome and tell him that he's better than that stupid Rod anyway. The part of my head that thinks Rodney is secretly a big neurotic cat thinks they pet his head after the camera stops.

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