February 21st, 2011

gen love is

Several das of SGA squee, and 'Loa Aloha' related H50 squee

Favorite time John probably wished he were drunk
Gonna go with Doranda again. There's no way that way easy for anyone involved.

Favorite person that so should have been on SGA
Abby Sciuto from NCIS, because thre's no way Rodney would know what to do with her. She's awesome and amazing and has so much skill that it would blow Anny's mind, but she'd break every mold that Rodney could possibly try to squish her into.

Favorite day John's hair threatened to take over the world
The day they did the Men Of Atlantis Calendar shoot.

Favorite day you were pretty sure John’s hair was alive and possibly sentient

Because only hair with a mind of its own stands up in that much water, seriously.

Master list of cracky questions

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