March 7th, 2011

gen love is

Random update-y things

Random things ahoy! Things like:

1. The help_nz auction has been extended! It was supposed to end this evening; apparently LJ got in touch with the mod and asked them to extend it so they could put it in the LJ news post later this week. AWESOME, guys, awesome :D Anyway, my thread is over here if you're interested!

2. This vid made my day roughly 800% better in its two minutes of glory. H50, Danny and Rachel and Steve and utter, utter ridiculousness. NSFW lyrics-wise. (And here's another link to it just in case that first one doesn't work.)

3. I am now signed up for seven bigbangs, guys, and four exchanges. I have a problem. A serious, serious, problem, and if you see me trying to sign up for something else in the next month or so, kindly beat me into unconsciousness to prevent me from doing so. (Except atlantisbigbang. That's still allowed.)

4. I kind of want to rec a few things, but they're all H50 and I know not all of you are into it, so I'm Collapse )

5. I love my landcomms and my teams, and that's really all there is to say about it. I really, really do.

6. stargatemafia is starting up again soon - you know you want to play, go sign up, do it do it do it! It's fun and I'm Momma Mitchell and I serve pie and let people make out in the barn. I'm progressive like that, guys.

7. Guys, I HAVE VIDDED. I made the world's crappiest, most terrible vid ever, and I almost don't want to share it, but hey, nothing like embarrassing the living bejesus out of yourself on the internet, am I right? Blame stargateland for this. Also me, I suppose.

Collapse )

8.You guys are awesome, and I really want to thank you for all the comments and encouragement andeverything. Special thanks to those of you whom I bug on a pretty regular basis about things, both RL and fic-related; thanks for putting up with me and my insane ideas, and thanks for telling me when yes, I am being insane, and I really should come in from the rain. HUGS FOR EVERYONE. :D