March 20th, 2011

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things that matter too much to say any way but lightly (1/2)

Title: things that matter too much to say any way but lightly
Author: somehowunbroken
Fandom: H50
Characters: Steve/Danny, Grace, appearances by other main characters
Word Count: 13,425
Rating: PG-13
Prompt/Summary: Written for the stevedannoslash After Holidays Prompt Fest. The prompt: A/U. Steve is raising his daughter Grace alone; he left the SEALs to care for her after her mother was killed. He was never with her mother; Steve always knew he was gay, but was trying to be straight to please his father. Grace was the result of Steve's only night with a woman.

Danny transferred to the HPD after his wife/child were killed in a mob hit in NJ; he needed to get as far away from the memories as possible. He ends up working on Steve's task force, but has a hard time seeing Steve and Grace together. It doesn't take long for Steve to fall in love with Danny, but he's too scared to do anything about it. Danny doesn't want to feel anything anymore, but is still drawn to Steve. Grace decides to take matters in to her own hands, and make the family she's always wanted.

I got to a fair bit of the prompt, but you kind of have to turn your head a bit sideways and squint to see the last bit - sorry!

Title is from the Vienna Teng song Daughter.

Author's thanks: Dear sweet mercy, I feel like I ran this through half of fandom, seriously. Eternal thanks to race_the_ace , who read parts of this even though babies are mentioned; bluespirit_star for providing an absolutely amazing beta job on the first half of this when I started having a panic attack about it; camshaft22 for telling me on more than one occasion that no, Ki, this really doesn't suck; padfootthegrim and stormylullabye and theeverdream for providing the world's quickest beta jobs ever and I owe them so many cookies (August! I will bring them!); and, finally, to calcitrix and clwilson2006 , because these ladies have little to no knowledge of the Hawaii Five-0 'verse and yet both patiently listened and let me rant about The Feelings Story for a week while patting my back. At this point, it is quite literally entirely my fault if there are any mistakes left in this. A million, trillion thanks to all of you, because eesh, needy writer is needy. This would never have happened without you ladies!

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