March 22nd, 2011

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That music meme tha's going around... but fandom-y!

Okay, so, there's this music meme going around, where you have a list of questions and you open up your iTunes and put it on random and the song that comes up is the answer to your question. padfootthegrim, fawkesielady_ed and I came up with a bunch of SGA and H50-related ones to answer, because that's way more fun, right? :D

So let's see what my iTunes thinks about...

Collapse )

Collapse )

See? Clearly more awesome than questions about me. :D
gen love is

Looking for pics that I hope I'm not imagining having seen.

Okay, here's the thing: sometimes I am silly.

I've spent the past hour little while looking for a few photos I thought I had saved and clearly, clearly didn't, so. I'm hoping that either some of you did, or that you can point me to them, because believe it or not, Googling 'Alex O'Loughlin ans Scott Caan all over each other" does not get the intended results.

But you, flist, you know everything, right? I'm looking for the pics that were put up a week ago, maybe two, where it's AOL standing next to Scott, and their sides are facing the camera, they're loking towards the photo's right, talking to someone. And AOL is draping his arms all over Scott while they just talk to this other guy. And then there's another guy, slightly more in the foreground, and when he interrupts AOL looks kind of sadface, like WHY ARE THEY MAKING ME LEAVE YOU ALONE.

Ringing any bells?