March 23rd, 2011

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Help Japan: mine and others, signal boost

The auctions at fandomaid and help_japan, both raising funds for relief after the earthquake/tsunami in Japan two weeks ago, end this weekend. That means that there's still time to bid/find a buy-it-now if you're looking.

I have an auction here and a buy-it-now post here; contact me if you have a question about what you want me to write/if you have any other questions or whatever.

In addition to my own, I've gathered some links to other auctions that people who look at my journal might be interested in. Some of these are related to Stargate, some to Hawaii Five-0, and some are just offered by people I know. I've bid on some of these. Please, please feel free to outbid me. It's not about me winning the auction; it's about how much we can raise for disaster relief.

camshaft22 is offering fanfic
ciaimpala is offering fanfic, fanfic, fanfic
da_angel729 is offering fanfic
jendavis is offering fanfic
padfootthegrim is offering fanfic
penknife is offering fanfic
wintermute_lj is offering fanfic, fanfic

calcitrix is offering an original watercolor and a piece of digital art
ciaimpala is offering icons,
far_to_nowhere is offering icons/banners/wallpapers etc.
leesa_perrie is offering icons
theeverdream is offering journal headers

ciaimpala is offering a fanvid
colls is offering a fanvid
leavemesmiling is offering a fanvid

calcitrix is offering a handmade messenger bag signed by DAVID HEWLETT
clwilson2006 is offering postcards from the UK
leesa_perrie is offering postcards from the UK
sg1_five_things mods are offering the chance to pick the prompts one week

If you're offering something and would like me to link to your offering here, drop me a comment and I'll add you in.
gen love is


Please, please tell me there is an easier way to edit memories than this (from LJ help, which, ha):
"In order to edit a keyword (such as to fix a spelling error or to replace one keyword on a memory with another), you must edit the keyword in the comma-delimited list of keywords and unselect the old keyword from the box of keywords before clicking Submit."

So there's no, like 'edit memories' place? I have to go in and individually edit every single damn instance of something I want to change? Because, let me tell you, that is just not happening.

Icon = what I perceive as an LJfail, though hardly the most massive, even lately. (Anyone else still not getting all their notifications?)

/aggrieved Ki is aggrieved, just saying