March 25th, 2011

gen love is

My ongoing battle with LJ's mem system: resolved. Not fixed, but resolved.

...okay, I will post fic soon, I promise. I have, literally, seven things open in various states of done-not-done right now, and I will finish something soon.

This is just an update for anyone who might, for whatever reason, have used my memories to find things: don't any more. I've fucked off to Delicious with them (bwhahaha) because LJ's memories system is seriously three tacos short of the combo plate and I'm sick of not being able to fix it without undoing everything and how you can't cross one tag with another and yeah, Delicious is better about that. So all the mems are being moved as quickly as possible here. So, yeah, if anyone besides me cares to use my memories for whatever nefarious purpose, they're here now.

ETA: And then Delicious went and fucked everything up, so now I'm over on Pinboard. So fast, so clean, so simple. Seriously, fork over the ten bucks and do it. It's so worth it.