March 29th, 2011

gen love is

Signel boost for help_japan

The auction at help_japan ends really soon, so if you're looking to bid or buy, here's the links I've gathered one last time.

Mine is here. Contact me if you have a question about what you want me to write/if you have any other questions or whatever.

camshaft22 is offering fanfic
ciaimpala is offering fanfic, fanfic
da_angel729 is offering fanfic
jendavis is offering fanfic
padfootthegrim is offering fanfic
penknife is offering fanfic
wintermute_lj is offering fanfic, fanfic

a_blackpanther is offering icons, banners, or wallpaper
calcitrix is offering an original watercolor and a piece of digital art
ciaimpala is offering icons,
far_to_nowhere is offering icons/banners/wallpapers etc.
leesa_perrie is offering icons
theeverdream is offering journal headers

ciaimpala is offering a fanvid
colls is offering a fanvid
leavemesmiling is offering a fanvid

calcitrix is offering a handmade messenger bag signed by DAVID HEWLETT
clwilson2006 is offering postcards from the UK
dizzydame is offering a scifi goodie surprise box
leesa_perrie is offering postcards from the UK
sg1_five_things mods are offering the chance to pick the prompts one week

Thanks to everyone who's offering things and everyone who's bidding :)