May 6th, 2011

gen love is


Progress meters for my bigbangs. Why? Because I'm hoping putting totals out there will, in some way, encourage me to get going on them.

We shall see.

Final draft due: 22 May

Rough draft due: 20 June

Final draft due: 1 July

Rough draft due: 26 July

Rough draft due: 4 November

Overall bigbang progress

Auction fics

Oh. I has work to do, mhmm. Crap.
gen love is

testing, testing.

So I'm trying to get myself into the habit of doing that crosspost-from-Dreamwidth thing, which I have failed at every time I've posted something in the past several months, so here, Here I am, crossposting from Dreamwidth, and hopefully I remember to do it from now on. Also, hopefully this works, and doesn't mess up. I am hopeful.

Yeah, I see me forgetting a lot, too.

IN OTHER NEWS I am writing! Se, look at my progress bars. They're showing, well, progress. :D :D