June 16th, 2011

gen love is


I have been feeling pretty much like the walking dead for the past four or five days (that's me not knowing how to divide that time, guys, it's been kinda rough) and as such am here pitifully begging for your mercy recs. I want to read fluffy things, or h/c things with a lot of c in them, or sweet things, or, you know, stuff that I don't normally read like that. Because on a normal day I like my fic with a lot of plot and action, but my brain cannot handle that right now, so if you can think of things that are short and sweet I would be eternally, eternally grateful to you.

On a related note - since I've lost nearly a week's worth of writing time and don't see myself getting back into writing as heavily as I need to in the next few days, I'm dropping one of the bigbangs. I plain old don't have the energy to come up with 25k by the first, in addition to the 10k due the 20th that's juuuust about finished and the 15k also due on the first which, well, we shall see.

Anyway. *woobie face* Fic recs, please?Stargate and H50, as always, but please no Rodney.