June 18th, 2011

gen love is

Three unrelated things:

1. I've been nominated for this year's Gatefic Awards! Three of my stories made it in, and guys, just - thank you, okay, thank you so much for liking what I do. It really means a lot.

2. I cannot access my LJ inbox, which is beyond frustrating, because there are 22 things in there that I cannot see, and LJ only sees fit to noify me about 2/3 of the things in my inbox. There are fifteen or twenty people - people who comment regularly in my journal, too - whose responses I get in my LJ inbox but not, you know, my actual inbox. So I'm sorry if you said something to me, please don't be waiting on a response, I currently have no idea that you're talking to me.
It magically works now! If only things always fixed themselves after I complained about them... well, let's be honest, that would be terrible. I whine enough as it is.

3. If you like Hawaii Five-0 and have ever thought about doing an edition of a newsletter, now's the time to step up. I'm currently handling three editions a week and I think someone else is doubled up, because people have had to drop out for various reasons, and while I like giving back to fandom, three newsletters in a row is a lot, guys. If you're interested, go to hawaii5_o_news and drop a comment in the latest post, and the mod will get you set up. Don't worry if you've never done it before - if you have basic familiarity with HTML, it on't be an issue for you at all.