July 7th, 2011

gen love is

something that made me happy today:

Remember a couple of weeks ago when that guy opened up a community on LJ to talk to fanfic authors?

He wrote his article.

It's honestly one of the better looks at fandom that I've seen from someone who's clearly not a part of fandom on his own. It's a pretty positive article, with a lot more explanation than I was honestly expecting. And yeah, there are a few things he left out, and a few things in the article that made me roll my eyes, but for the most part? It's a really good article. Concise, far too short to hold everything that it maybe should have had to make it a full exploration of what fanfic and fandom kind of are, but it's well-done, and I give the author a lot of credit for it. He ends up in a place that's really positive on the side of fanfic, and it's definitely worth the read.

My favorite quote (this actually took some narrowing down!): "I love the show, but what if it went further? What happens if I press this big, shiny, red button that says "Do not press"?"

That's... kind of how I feel about a lot of fic. Not all of it - certainly I'm not trying to push the envelope with a lot of what I write - but occasionally some of my own work and often the work of others is exactly that. Well done, sir, for grasping that idea.

(There's also a quote from Naomi Novik in there that makes me want to hug her.)

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