July 11th, 2011

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break upon the waves (1/2)

Title: break upon the waves
Author: somehowunbroken
Fandom: H50
Characters: Steve/Danny, Grace
Word Count: 15,558
Rating: R/violence and language
Summary: When a case draws Steve back to the SEALs and the life he thought he'd never be pulled back into, he comes to some realizations and has to make a choice.
Notes: Many, many thanks to camshaft22 and padfootthegrim for alpha reading services and general cheerleading, and to stormylullabye and shinysylver for beta reading this and taking it from a decent story to something that actually flows together and reads well. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you.

Cover art and icons were made by shinysylver - thank you so much! Click on the image for a link to the full size art - it really does a great job of illustrating the story :)

The soundtrack to this story can be found here. 15 songs, 1.1 hours.

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gen love is

Toronto planning!

Among other things, we're considering getting the City Pass while we're in Toronto, which includes admission to five tourist-y things (ROM, Ontario Science Center, CN Tower, Casa Loma, and Toronto Zoo) for about $58. I did this while I was in Philly, and thought it was worth it there. Thoughts on the Toronto one? Are those things that aren't worth the admission price, or is this worth it?

ALSO I'm totally going to that board games cafe I've heard about. :D
5-0 Danny facepalm

lj question.

Is there any way I can not see that banner at the top of LJ for the next few weeks?  I'd prefer plain blue to that by a long shot. I can hardly read the words and am finding my way around mostly by knowing how far from my usepic my mouse should be to click on 'messages' and 'friends page'.

/perhaps spends too much time on LJ, to know such things