August 2nd, 2011

gen love is

I'm back!

...but not from outer space. It almost felt like it, though, by the time we were at the top of the CN tower. No, we're back from Toronto, which was really a lot of fun :) I'll like as not do a recap with pictures at some point, so if you're interested, keep an eye out.

Some things, though:

1. Signups for artists/mixers/betas is still open at five0bang, and I encourage anyone interested to go on over and sign up. :D

2. Chicago Stargate convention is in a few weeks! Who else is going? I WANT TO MEET EVERYONE.

3. Go claim a prompt at apocalypse_kree! There are a ton of them, no matter your pairing preference - there's gen and het and slash and ones that can be taken any which way. GO FORTH AND WRITE ME SOME APOCAFIC. I love apocafic. :D

4. ...I'm considering dragoncon. Blame shinysylver. Also Norman Reedus. (Mostly shinysylver.)

5. I'm writing a zombie apocalypse fic in which there are no actual zombies. Go me! Or something.

6. I won the poll at lj_scribe last week - you guys are the best :) Thanks so much! Go read this week's, too - I'm not in it, but there are for sure some good entries, and they're only a sentence long this time!

7. Coffee Crisp bites are delicious, and I'm sad that I ate all of mine already. Learn to ration, self.

8. I love you guys :)
gen love is


I feel like I'm writing fic that doesn't make any sense. It's porn, so it doesn't quite have to be plotty and perfect, but at the same time, I feel like my sentences don't actually convey anything.

And yet I like it, strangely. I'm just not quite sure anyone else is going to.

We shall see, I suppose.