August 20th, 2011

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+Checkin was was, way easier than I though! Woo! I managed to  get my doctor to fax a note over, so I got moved to the special needs seating, so I can seeeee :) New seat: A4.

+Gary Jones was hilarious, and Alexis Cruz was interesting. I like both, but they were very, very different experiences.


+Met a lot of people! Am rooming with padfootthegrim, fawkesielady_ed, and calcitrix, and I met virkatjol, mackenziesmomma, and rubygirl29 and some of her friends (whose names I have forgotten already, because I am terrible, and am sorry)! There are also a bunch of non-LJ people I met (shock!) and they're a lot of fun too. Everyone is awesome :D

+Cabaret was okay - I didn't love it, but it was fun. I'm more the Gary Jones type of humor than the Alexis Cruz type, but it was fun.

+Karaoke was awesome! I had fun, I danced around, I ws going to sing with Tommy but they cancelled it at the end there. Christopher Judge, Paul McGillion, and Gary Jones did a song, haha. It was fun :)

+Paul McGillion DRUNK KISSED ME on the cheek, ahahaha :D I feel like I should relate this story in more detail, but really that's the crux of it.

I think that's it. :D Tomorrow will be awesome!
gen love is


+Kavan Smith was funny and far more gracious than I would be in his position. Poor guy, he arrived at about five in the morning, and had his panel at 10:40. His photos were directly after, but his autographs weren't til one, so he had to be up and around for all of that. And now he's at the Special People Dessert Party, so yeah, that's a long day for you. (Highlights of his presentation: he thinks 'The 4400' is a weird name for a show, he loves working on Eureka, he was apparently contacted about reprising his role as Detective Cavanaugh on Sanctuary but couldn't.)

+I skipped Alex Zahara again (he was on yesterday as well) because my camera battery died. He would have been fun, but I needed to charge my camera for the rest of the day.

+Chris Judge's panel was fun. He was clearly trying quite hard to not say or do anything that would get the Creation people pissed at him - he did a good job of it, really. He slipped a few times, but caught himself on it and brought it around. (Highlights: he's in The Dark Knight, and he's not Robin.)

+When I told Kavan what the Ancient on my shirt meant (Lanteans do it under siege) he laughed and said 'damn right they do.'

+Paul McGillion is just a lovely, lovely man. He brought a Scottish fan up on stage and answered her question while he had his arms around her, and then he spoke to her in the Scottish accent for a little while. She looked near ready to pass out. (Highlights: he just shot a pilot pitch and is hoping it gets picked up [looks a little corny, but let's be real, I'd watch it], he thinks Wexford from Sanctuary is the most evil character he's ever played, he got married last year, he's just utterly adorable, honestly.)

+I had Ben Browder Face for HOURS today, guys, HOURS. It was a near constant the entire time he was on stage. I could not look away from him for a second. And then at the end he came over to near where I was sitting - calcitrix was trying to get a closer-up pic of him after his panel, and he noticed and walked right over. The Face was in overdrive. Seriously, thinking of words? Was not happening. I'm just glad I wasn't making that high-pitched sound that only dogs can hear or dolphin noises. (Highlights: ALL OF IT. Also him talking about his family [I have a soft spot for guys who are clearly proud of and love their families], relating stories from both Stargate and Farscape without hesitation, admitting that he kept Winona when Farscape was cancelled, relating the 'bullets bounce!' story from Avalon, his thoughts on Crichton vs. Mitchell, his general impressions of Mitchell... erm. All of it?)

+Didn't do the photo op, but I'm okay with that. I do not know how I would have handled that at all. Except, yes, I would have totally asked for a hug, I'm that girl. (Just ask everyone I've met this weekend - I give hugs.)

+Met squidgiepdx and skypilot_dlm today, too! I think I've now met everyone that I know is here... if I missed you and you want to say hey, again, I'm in A4 and will be there all day :) Just pop over!

+Chris and Paul were really great at the autograph tables - Chris gave me a really awesome handshake at the end (not many people were getting them) and Paul, and I said above, is incredibly sweet. Seriously, the charm on that guy is dialled to about eleven.

+Okay, so I have to say that while waiting in line for Ben's autograph, I was still concerned about the whole dolphin noises thing when I got close to him. Luckily, I managed to smile and say hey as I set my poster down for him to sign. I made some awkward comment about how it was all rolled up - it has lived in a tube for several months, but now I can frame it! - and he smiled at me and all was golden, haha. He was talking about how he'd never seen that poster before, and where did I get it, and then he talked about the poster itself, how he's not sure why they used that shot because nobody liked it. I told him it made a nice poster, anyway, and he smiled more and said thanks and helped me roll it up again. {SO MANY THANK YOUS TO clwilson2006 for sending that to me, oh my god oh my god.)

And now I'm in the room, all quiet and still, and I'm thinking about going to bed in the next hour or so (possibly a little more). Didn't sleep much last night, and there's a bunch to do tomorrow. :)