August 28th, 2011

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Radar at Fort Dix is out.

Poor timing.

Tired and cranky, but I'm still here (which is bloody unbelievable, honestly, wow). Storm is about to make landfall about 60 miles south of me, which means it'll be here in a few hours.

Best of luck to everyone up north, and here's hoping everyone south of me weathered it well. Please let me know!

(And in case anyone is looking to keep up - I can tweet from my phone [even though I can't check tweets back at me], so I'm @somehowunbroken, and I'll be texting padfootthegrim if my power goes out, so she'll know what's going on with me and G.)
gen love is


My family and I are okay. It's really windy here, but the rain has stopped, and it's actually kind of nice out.

We have power but no internet - I'm stealing my mother's USB modem right now to post an update, but until it comes back I'll only be around on and off. All in all, our major upset was a tree coming down in the forest behind our house. We were lucky - a house burned down in the next town over because the transformer blew and lit it up, and the fire truck watched helplessly from a few blocks away, unable to get through the flooded streets to put the fire out.

In the pouring rain.

So, yeah, we're okay here. I'm hoping everyone else weathered the storm as well as we did - if you were in Irene's path, please let me know that you made it through.