August 30th, 2011

gen love is

I'm back!

...again, though, not from outer space. One of these times, though, that's where it's gonna be, and you'll all be so surprised. :)

We had wind, we had rain, and now we've got this weird sort of gorgeous weather that I don't trust at all. We lost a few trees in the woods near our house, but other than that, the worst of it was one of the windows in my room springing a leak and the internet going out for a few days. We lost power for about four and a half hours (yesterday morning, well after the storm was out of our hair), but nothing big.

Towns around me are in a lot of trouble, though. The storm made landfall kind of near me - about fifteen miles away, if I'm hearing everything right - and there's a lot of work that's going to need to be done in short order. I'm not sure what to do - there's not much use for someone with disabilities on a repair crew or a cleanup crew. The best I could do would be sit by the water cooler and pour water for volunteers, or something. I'm hoping I can find some way to help. I'm really good at coordinating - maybe they need someone for that? Or spreadsheets, I rock at spreadsheets.

Anyway! Non-hurricane things! I've finished my zombiebang, which was so much fun to write. I wrote it kind of selfishly, because [personal profile] shinysylver put this idea in my head for a kind of obscure fusion fic, and I took it and ran with it and I love it to bits and pieces, but I'm not sure how the general reception will be for a zombie fic with no actual zombies in it. I'm also pretty convinced that only like seven people are going to get the overall reference of the story, which is fine, honestly. (It's a fusion with a play that, until [personal profile] shinysylver brought it up to me, I was sure that only me and my lit class had read.)

Also! I'm reading Shadow of the Templar which is an original fic series about an FBI agent and an art thief and their relationship. Simon and Jeremy are amazing, and the rest of the characters are fleshed out really well too. There are four main books and a lot of assorted stories, and it's all available online for free. I quite recommend the whole thing - I'm in book three and loving everything about it. (It's long and gripping - I read books one and two yesterday, well over 200k, and I could not put it down.)

I got my posting date for this woman's work, the Rachel thing I wrote what seems like eleventeen thousand years ago. I post on 10 September, so if you'd like to read some very rare het from me with a whole bunch of angst and a not-so-happy ending... um. Maybe I should talk about it. The more I let slip, the less people are actually going to want to read it.

All told, I'm just glad to have the internet back. (Also phone and TV, but let's be real, INTERNET.) If you posted something in the past few days, leave a link - I can't promise I've seen it, because going 300 back on your flist means you skim a little more than usual. So rec me things :D :D

ALSO: 20 days til Five-0 comes back! Just saying :D

PS: happy happy happy birthday to sirona_gs! Here's to a great year ahead, dear :)