September 2nd, 2011

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Shadow of the Templar: big damn post.

So, as many of you are no doubt aware, I lost internet early Sunday morning, just as the storm was leaveing town. I personally think this was Irene's way of flipping me off as she left town, since we still had power and no damage had been done to our propety.

Anyway, internet-less, I turned to a story I had saved on my desktop mere hours before the storm began: the Shadow of the Templar series by mooncalf/tsukikoushi. I have just emerged, slightly dizzy, from beneath the four books, lacunae, and assorted short stories of this 'verse. It's over 760k in total (I can dredge up the exact wordcount if you're that curious), and it's extremely, extremely entertaining. I had meant to start it while the internet was out and meander my way through. I did not know when I began that it would be absolutely impossible to do so. I have finished reading every single word of this - since Sunday, mind you - and am wishing there was more to be had. I am so full of squee for this series - mostly Simon-and-Jeremy shaped squee, but also Nate-and-Dave shaped squee - and I would like to share it all with you.

All of it. Really, I would, but there's so much squee in 760k that one post cannot contain it all; really, if you're interested in my story-by-story reactions, I left semi-coherent comments all over theellibu's journal at random while I was reading. (Or ask me. I can pretty much recount my reactions to any certain point.)

For those of you unaware, SotT is a series featuring FBI agent Simon Drake and internationally-wanted art thief Jeremy Archer. The first book in the series, The Morning Star, details how they get together, and the rest of it goes on about their shenanigans. It's high-action, very intense, and has actual canon slash, as well as one of the most entertaining het couples I've come across in a few years.

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Basically ALL OF IT, and what's maybe best, it's free! Go download it or read it online (I've made my own PDFs of everything, if you'd like, I can upload them for whoever wants them). It's not the best thing I've ever read, but it's goood; there are things that are silly and flat-pout wrong but it's good. There are a few things that flat-out offend me, but it's good. READ IT.

Am very willing to discuss anything related in the comments, so beware, there might be spoilers. But if you want to ask me a specific question before you read, or want to squee with me, or want to ask me my opinion on any part... pleae do so.