September 6th, 2011

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Authentic Jersey Pizza (1/1)

Title: Authentic Jersey Pizza
Author: somehowunbroken
Fandom: H50
Characters: Steve/Danny
Word Count: 1,040
Rating: PG-13
Notes: For the backwards-prompt meme thing that [personal profile] leupagus is doing. My prompt was: AU, Danny's the owner of Authentic Jersey Pizza in Waikiki. Steve comes in, impressed by the ads that claim they fly in the water.
Summary: The guy behind the counter is short, way shorter than Steve is expecting. He’s got the right accent, though, heavy on the vowels, almost no actual h in any of those words.

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gen love is

spook_me time!

Hey, look, it's time for spook_me signups!

It's the lowest-pressure challenge ever - you sign up and get a few prompts, only one of which has to be in your story. There's no minimum or maximum word count. If you get it in late, that's fine! If you don't turn it in at all, nobody cries! If it doesn't actually turn out spooky, whatever!

Check it out - I had fun last year, and this year promises more of the same :D