September 7th, 2011

gen love is

I used this icon because of the lack of asses mentioned in the post. it's for balance.

So! I'm not sure how many people know about or already listen to /report, but if you don't, this is my recommendation that you do. /report (pronounce the slash, wait for it... :D) is, as you might imagine, a fannish thing revolving around slash. It's a multifandom podcast, and they've already brought up SGA and Five-0, as well as XMFC and The Senmtinel and Captain America and White Collar and a whole host of other things. It's fun to listen to - and it's not nearly as much listening to them talk about asses as you might think it is. (There's remarkably little of that, actually.) It's run by rageprufrock and mklutz, and so far, they've had several guest stars - thehoyden, twentysomething, merelyn, and leupagus have all been on. There have been chats about writing, about diving back into old fandoms, about anon hate memes (they give them a big thumbs down which, I totally approve) and a bunch of other things. So! If you're interested, they've got links to the four episodes they've done so far on their Twitter, and it's worth checking out, in my eyes. (Probably won't be for everyone, just a warning, but other than language unfit for little ears I haven't run across anything that I've thought would offend anyone in particular.) an aside, this is a podcast that I will never be asked to guest on, not just because I don't know the people who run it but because I would just be in the Unpopular Opinion Corner all the time. I still have fun listening, though. :D