September 14th, 2011

Templar Jeremy give and take

podfic question.

Ah, yeah, another one.

So I finished recording Shock to the System and posted the links over on teamtemplar, and I'm happy with how they came out (other than  my pacing issues, which have actually been geting better, but are still present). My question has to do with accent.

I'm planning to record Happy/Merry, the Christmas story set after the third book, which is told half from Simon's point of view and half from Jeremy's. Simon is given as being from Indiana, so I've given him the standard flat, not-really-an-accent type of accent. Jeremy's from England, and as such, I've given him a British accent.

So, keeping in mind that it's really not all that much more difficult to do the accent, do I tell his point of view in his accent, or just narrate it as I would and only use his accent when he speaks?

I have my own leaning towards one over the other, but as I'm not the target audience for this, I wanted other opinions. I asked two people earlier, and they gave me two completely opposing answers.

Even if you don't know the fandom, I'd appreciate your take on it. If you do, that's awesome too. Feel free to comment with a reason for your vote, or just vote. Either is fine. :)

Poll #1778362 podfic and accents

Should I podfic the narration from an accented POV, or in my normal narration voice?

in accent
in normal narration voice

Thanks :)