November 2nd, 2011

gen love is


five0bang update! Five sections out of seven finished at this point. (Yes, for anyone keeping track, I added an extra section. It worked better to split the last one into two parts, which I realised when thinking about what the last scene would be. I wrote that last scene - nonchronological writing! Shock! - and then promptly made it section seven.) The very end of the story is finished, so at this point I'm just working my way there :)

36291 / 40000 words. 91% done!

Other updates:
-my gram is home from the rehab center, and is doing well. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers :)
-I'm not doing nano this year, but I will cheerlead for all of you who are! GO YOU!
-I am typing this with Belle sitting actually on most of the right side of the keyboard, so please forgive any typos
-cats are pointy, ow
-if you're into graphic novels, check this project out. It's sponsored by Alexis Cruz (Skaara/Klorel in Stargate), and he talked about it at ChiCon. I feel pretty cool for being the first to pledge, lol, and am eagerly awaiting the first installment :D