November 5th, 2011

gen Christmas cookies

Christmas cards!

This is a reminder-type thing for anyone who missed the last post: I'm sending out Christmas cards! Or Hanukkah cards, or generic winter-type cards, or something else, whatever your particular preference might be (you gotta let me know, though, because I default to Christmas cards). If you gave me your name/address on the last post, I still have it, but if you didn't and you do want a card, leave your info here :)

I will send a card to anyone who asks, no matter if I know you well or not. I will ship them internationally. Even if you just friended me yesterday, even if I've never heard of you, I will send you a card, so don't be shy :)

Leave your name (or, if you'd prefer, I can send it to your username, I have no issues with that), your address, and your OTP (or a smattering of them). Comments are screened, so don't worry, nobody but me will see what you leave.

And if you want to send me a card, too, let me know, and I'll send you my info :)