December 2nd, 2011

gen love is

Avengers prompts:

Guys, guys, what should I write?

Seriously. Pick one or three or whatever, tell me which you'd like to see. Prompt me with other things. I'm itching to write something but have so many ideas that I can't pull one in.

That list is entirely Avengers stuff - most of it involves Steve in some way, because my preferences are not subtle - but if you have promptlets for other things that I write, leave those too. I'm not going to promise to fill them in any sort of timely fashion, but I like things that might inspire me. :)

Also: is there some sort of Steve/Bucky comm out there that I don't know about? Because interest, I have some, and I know of no place to share said interest. (Am super hoping such a comm exists, because I super don't want another comm to mod, guys. I do ten already.)