December 6th, 2011

Avengers Tony/Steve flying riding

make love not war

Title: make love not war
Author: somehowunbroken
Beta: shinysylver
Fandom: Avengers (Marvel 616, pre-Civil War)
Characters: Tony/Steve, assorted New Avengers, Reed Richards
Word Count: 4,613
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Written for this prompt at capkink. For shinysylver, who might not have made it to the new year without this fic, or something. I AM HELPFUL, SEE. Also for hc_bingo 2011: sex pollen.
Warnings: sex pollen, of a sort. Angry sex. Swearing. Sex in front of other people. Scarring of Peter Parker's psyche.
Summary: “What is it?” Steve asks, frowning at the cup in his hands. Reed’s expression is nothing but earnest, but Steve has seen that look precede far too many catastrophes to trust it.

Also worth noting, or at least I think it is: the working title of this was 'the one where reed richards fixes registration with porn.' So. That.

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gen Christmas ornaments

Hey, look what I have!

It's a fandom stocking! If you're interested, meander on over and check it out.

Really, this post is for me asking you guys for your fandom stocking links, because I have seen so many go by over the past few days that, wow, I am certain that I missed one or seven that I'd like to fill in some capacity. So! Link me to yours!
gen love is

hi new people hi!

So it's been roughly forever since I've done one of these, but there are lots of new people here! Hi, new people! I'm Ki. Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace. /waves

Things you'll find here: fic. Mostly that's it - fic, or me talking about fic. Occasionally there will be other things, like me offering to send out Christmas cards (which, if you want one from me, PM me your address and an OTP of yours that I write and I'll send you something! Don't leave a comment here, this isn't screened) or random updates on my life or some such. I rarely flock anything. I'll mark RL stuff as such, so if you're here for the fandom-type things and not the me-type things, you'll know what to skip. :) There might be instances of other stuff, like me reposting pics that I find amusing/pretty/entertaining/whatever, but that's really few and far between. I've been known to do the occasional episode review type thing, but... not very often, haha. There will probably be squeeing of various shapes and sizes and colors along the way.

I'm in a few fandoms, so check the tags on things if you're here for just one thing - fic/squee/whatever could be for Stargate, Hawaii Five-0, Sanctuary, or something Marvel-related, with the occasional something else tossed in for fun. It's all marked for your convenience.

I tag things somewhat obsessively; use the tags to navigate around if you're looking for something specific. Things are tagged by pairing (characters in the rare even I write gen), rating, and fandom. I am debating adding a length tag. I'm not sure I'm up to the challenge.

The masterlist is updated every time I post a new fic. If you find something wonky with it, let me know and I shall fix it. :)

Things totally welcomed here: squee of any shape and size! Spoilers for Avengers-related things! Talking about fic or canon or things that you think interest people! Disagreements and discussions are welcome as long as we don't get wank-y. There's enough wank in the world, people, the only kind I want in my journal is the happy fun times kind. ;)

Things that aren't welcome: hate of any shape and size, including but not limited by any means to: character bashing, gender hate, issues with gender identity or sexuality, picking fights, name-calling, putting people down for what they think or believe in... it's uncool, dudes, don't do it. Spoilers are MOST UNWELCOME for Hawaii Five-0 and Sanctuary. I really, really try my best to remain unspoiled for these shows. (I cover my eyes and ears and hum LA LA LA really loud when commercials come on TV for them, okay, I take my unspoiledness seriously.)

That's... mostly what goes on around here, I suppose. Sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy :)