December 14th, 2011

gen Christmas ornaments

Christmas cards!

Cards have been sent!

If you're expecting a card form me, it's on its way. I'd love to know when things get where, so please let me know when you get yours :)

Oh - don't open your card in front of any friends or family members who might not be fannishly inclined. Each card has its own little drabble inside, and while I'm pretty sure none of them are explicit, most of them are slashy. So. That's coming :)

On a related note, if you cannot read the drabble for any reason (it got wet! it got bent! my handwriting is awful!), let me know. I have them all typed and saved, and can PM yours to you. :) I'll post them all of Christmas, anyway, so everyone can enjoy them, but if yours doesn't make the journey well, just drop me a PM :)

Happy holidays!