December 15th, 2011

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Anyone interested in beta reading a Sanctuary piece for me? Helen/John and little Ashley, though she's only awake for about six words of it. I haven't quite finished it, but I'd really, really like someone to look it over for me if anyone is willing.
gen Christmas cookies

incoming: cookies.

It's Cookie Weekend!

For those of you who weren't around this time last year, or who missed the explanations, Cookie Weekend is an annual tradition in my family. We go to my dad's house on Friday morning, set up the oven, and bake until we drop. (Usually literally.) Then we get up again on Saturday and repeat, and then again on Sunday. I don't mean a batch here and there, guys, I mean two-different-types-going-at-once. I mean we-should-probably-have-installed-a-second-oven. I mean we're on track to make four thousand cookies this weekend, so long as my cousin Tim doesn't mess up the batter for the chocolate chip ones again (seriously, not difficult, read the bag, Timothy. you need two bowls, you can't just chuck all of it in a bowl and expect it to turn out).

This is me being a drill sergeant, because I run this show, guys. (My dad used to. I am now far more terrifying with a spatula and flour in my hair.)

So, I will be scarce this weekend (not that I've been about all that much lately, but.). If you leave a comment, I will almost definitely not see it. If you need to get in touch with me, your best bet is probably a PM, because I'll get notified of that through email and I'll check that before I collapse at night (or just email me directly). For the most part, though, I'll be baking form about 0700 til about 2200 for the next three days, so I may not see anything you leave me until next week.

We're intense like that, guys. Also out of our heads, but INTENSE.

I will attempt to remember to have someone without dough all over their hands (read: not me) to take photos so you, too, can share in the insanity.

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...also, haha, if you need a cookie recipe, lemme know. I can vouch for every cookie on this list (except the snickerdoodles, they're new this year, but chances are they're good, they're my Gram's old recipe). They're all delicious.