December 26th, 2011

gen love is

random post of not very interesting things.

no, really.

1. I'm visiting family in PA for the next few days. I love my family, honestly, I really do - but wow, they're exhausting. I'm currently curled up in the hotel room while my dad, stepmom, and sister are doing some shopping, because five hours with my dad's siblings and their kids and assorted other family members is a little more than I can really handle in a day.

2. In case you're switching to DW full-time, or just want to add me over there, I'm still [personal profile] somehowunbroken over there. I crosspost a bunch of stuff - almost all of it - so you don't have to follow me both places to get all of it. I think the only things I don't crosspost are the things in which I whine about LJ.

3. This hotel room needs a humidifier. It's so dry in here that my lips are chapping as I sit. That's just ridiculous.

4. I got a Kindle for Christmas! I got other things, too, but the two things I asked for were a Kindle and the Captain America DVD, and I got both, so I had a good day. :)

5. I'll be posting the Christmas ficlets when I get home. I have them all saved, but I have to format them, and... yeah. No energy at the moment, sorry.

6. In that vein - um. I found a few cards before I left for PA that somehow did not get mailed out. So if you're expecting a card from me and it hasn't come, it's because I suck, I'm sorry. I have to buy stamps when I get back, and then I'll stick them in the mail, and... they'll be New Years cards? /o\

7. I hope you all had a great holiday, no matter which it is that you celebrated/are celebrating/will celebrate. :)