Ki (somehowunbroken) wrote,

dcu_bang 2013: myths wrongly interpreted

Title: myths wrongly interpreted
Author: somehowunbroken
Beta: camshaft22
Artist: kitsunebaba (art masterpost here)
Characters/Pairing: Tim Drake, Damian Wayne (gen)
Fandom/Universe: Gotham-verse; DCnU/Batman Inc. 8 fix-it fic
Rating: R
Word count: 12,232
Warnings: major character death (but he gets better), violence
Summary: Tim has lost enough in his life. He isn’t going to lose anything - or anyone - else, not if there’s a chance that he can fix it.

Spoilers for: Batman Incorporated 8, Teen Titans 18 (and vague Teen Titans happenings to this point); the Death of the Family storyline; vague Demon Knights through 18 to be safe (but you don’t have to be familiar with it at all); Tim Drake’s pre-reboot history

Author’s notes: I knew I was going to have to write fix-it fic for Batman Incorporated 8 before I even read it. I didn’t expect the story to develop quite how it did, but I definitely accomplished what I wanted to here. By and large, I mashed Bat-canons together at will, because trying to figure out where Batman Incorporated fits into Gotham at large is a headache for someone much more devoted to canon than I.

Title is from Without Mythologies by The Weakerthans, which is one of the Robin-est songs I’ve ever heard, no matter who’s filling the short pants at the time.

If you’d like more specific warnings, or more info on what exactly is spoiled, message me! I’m happy to explain.
Tags: bigbang, damian wayne, dc comics, dcu_bang, rating: r, tim drake

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