Ki (somehowunbroken) wrote,

Dear Yuletide author:

Hi! Thanks so much for writing for me - I'm excited to see what you come up with :)

Things I like: pretty much all of the really tropey tropes, but especially the fake dating/fake married one. Found families. Slice of Life. I love angst and happy fic equally. I like kidfic if that's the direction you want to go but it's by no means required. I love AUs and canon-compliant fic equally. Pretty much if it's not a dislike it's something I'll enjoy.
Dislikes: noncon/dubcon (if you're not sure if what you're writing is non or dubcon, please skip it). Power play within relationships. There are a few fandom-specific ones that I'll talk about below.

Request 1: Batgirl (Comics)
Renee Montoya, Kate Kane, Cassandra Cain

I would love fic about any of these ladies! mMy dream come true for this fandom would be to have Kate/Renee and Cass talking to them (about relationships? about crimefighting? WHO KNOWS) but anything you want to do involving any combination of these three (or just one of them!) would be amazing. I'd also love fic about any combination of these ladies, or a piece about any of them on their own. Please don't include Joker-related stuff, even as a mention.

Request 2: Captain America (Comics)
Sarah Rogers

Sarah. Sarah and her baby, Sarah and her job, Sarah and anything. There needs to be more Sarah Rogers fic in the world. I am totally okay with you breaking my heart if that's how the spirit moves you, but I'd also love happy stuff with them. Anything Sarah, basically.

Request 3: Demon Knights
OH GOD anything. Anything. If you write me something Demon Knights related I will be so happy. I love everything about this comic. I love all of the characters, any ship you can come up with, any storyline. Gen is great too. If you want to write about one of the characters that wasn't listed in the tags here I'm totally fine with that too.

Request 4: Rat Queens
Anything. Adventuring, hanging out in town, shipping, gen, anything. Rat Queens, okay, that's it. I love Dee and Hannah the best, but it's only by a very little bit. Sawyer is also excellent. And the Daves. Gary as comic relief is great too. Like I said, anything goes here.

Request 5: X-Factor (Comics)
Shatterstar, Julio Richter
These two. Just. Please. I love them, okay, and their whole entire team. I would love a glimpse at them at any point, or an exploration of what they're doing after the end of volume 3, or an AU, or anything. They're really great.

Request 6: Forever (TV)
Henry Morgan, Abraham, Abigail

I really, really want something that explores their familial relationship and how it has evolved over time. I know that could get long and involved, so if you'd rather just do something shorter, that's fine too! I'd also love something that looks into the past, so a snapshot of Abe growing up would be fun too.

If you're struck by some sort of idea that doesn't really fit with what I blabbed about, that's totally fine! Those are just ideas in case you want somewhere to work from. If you have something in mind for one of the fandoms, I'm sure I'll love it as long as it doesn't fall into the dislikes category. Thanks so much for writing for me, and happy Yuletide to you!
Tags: dear yuletide letter

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