Ki (somehowunbroken) wrote,

A list! A list!

So... I have a ton of ideas for stuff in my head right now and I Need to get them down before I forget them.

Bonded 'verse:  Cam's POV, Vala's party, what happens when they get separated
hc_bingo/body dysmorphic disprder, John and his ears
hc_bingo/body hatred, I'm actually going to attempt some Rodney
hc_bingo/domestic abuse (emotional), John as a child
hc_bingo/self-harm, Ronon
hc_bingo/coma, off-world accident, Cam/John
hc_bingo/fever, John gets sick and hallucinates
Sensitivity sequel (wing!porn!)
Unexpected sequel, Carson going through Evan's things
Virus'verse 5, And All Our Sinners Saints

I'm already working on VV5... sort of. It's not flowing as nicely as I'd hoped. Cue sigh.

Any input on which I should do first? :)
Tags: admin
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