Ki (somehowunbroken) wrote,

Epically bad day saved last minute.

So, terrible day at work, yeah? Yeah. Awful. Was pretty much considering giving my boss the finger and walking out. Didn't, but it came close. Pretty much, my mantra has become "you need the money, you need the money," because I may hate everything about my job but I get paid well enough to do it... so, dealing.

Anyway, stopped at the post office on the way home and just when I thought nothing could make my day seem even remotely okay... I was proven wrong, The shirts I won from calcitrix in the help_pakistan auction were waiting for me! I opened the package in the car and couldn't stop giggling all the way home. (My mother, who doesn't watch SGA, thought the Jumper was a mailbox and wanted to know why I had a shirt with a mailbox on it. She has no imagination. She didn't even try to guess what the City was.)

So, my epically bad day was made roughly 1.7 million percent better at the end there :)

One has a Jumper on it and the other has Atlantis on it. Don't mind my bad hair day, or the weird shadow things. Focus on the shirts! They're awesome!

And I'm so wearing one to work tomorrow. :D
Tags: admin, stargate
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