22 January 2011 @ 01:03 am
Never Would  
Title: Never Would
Author: somehowunbroken 
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: John/Evan
Word count: 1,300
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: For sga_kinkmeme. Evan/John, public sex. Evan stakes his claim by bending John over a table in the mess.


Evan stalks through the mess hall, each measured click of his heel echoing in the room, because he knows what’s been said and he knows what’s been done and he’s mad like unholy hell. He’s talked to Teyla, knows for damn certain that it isn’t true – knew before that, knew it wasn’t true the second the rumor had crossed his desk, but he’s a thorough man by nature, so he’d checked with her – and it’s about time he puts an end to that thought.

“Major,” John drawls, smile lazy, voice slow and friendly, like every eye in the mess isn’t on the commanding officer and his second-in-command, like there’s no tension, like this doesn’t fucking matter, and something in Evan clenches and uncurls as he arrives at John’s table, hands clasped behind his back like parade rest, except it’s really just so he doesn’t haul off and slug someone.

Not John. It’s not John’s fault, not really, because he’s fucking hot and he’s got a reputation and he and Teyla are close, but Evan knows he hasn’t done anything to invite nor encourage the rumors. It might be Ellsworth, though, because he’d overheard the Marine talking about John and Teyla and the baby that isn’t John’s. (“I have never lain with Colonel Sheppard,” Teyla had said, and John’s told him that he hasn’t been with a woman since Nancy, and Evan believes him; “He is devoted to you,” she’d added, and he hadn’t asked that, but the information soothed him a little anyway.)

“I heard an interesting rumor today, sir,” Evan snaps at John, and John’s eyes search Evan’s for his cues even as he cocks his head to the side and smirks.

“Rumors are pretty interesting,” he agrees, and he waggles his eyebrows. “What did I do this time?”

“Teyla,” Evan bites out, and he hears Ellsworth choke behind him and smiles a hard little smile. “Apparently the baby’s yours.”

“Not mine,” John says easily, and Evan knows it, knows it, but to hear John say it so candidly makes part of him unclench. It makes him feel oddly better about what he’s going to do, because he’s never been a cheater; if John had been the father, he’d have ended things as quietly as they’d started and gone his own way.

“Didn’t figure,” Evan replies, and they’ve talked about how they wanted to come out to the expedition, when and if, and Evan had brought this up jokingly but he’d seen the flare of interest and longing on John’s face when he’d said it. He’s partly hoping that he wasn’t misreading that and partly too angry at the situation to care, right now. “Knew you hadn’t slept with Teyla.”

He raises an eyebrow, and John gets the signal: this is your chance to back out. John doesn’t hesitate for long before raising an eyebrow of his own. “And how do you know that?”

Go ahead. Not backing out.

Evan nods his head a fraction and hauls John out of his seat by his shirt. John’s got a few inches on him, but Evan’s sturdy and solid and it’s no problem at all to get him standing straight, looking down at Evan. “Because you’ve been sleeping with me,” he says clearly, and there’s the sound of Ellsworth choking on his own tongue as Evan pulls John’s head to his own and kisses him, more a claim than a caress. And it’s all he’s planning to do, but John moans into his mouth and it’s needy and wanton and Evan can’t help how it goes straight to his dick.

“You’d never,” he growls out, and there’s no question in his tone. John just shakes his head., and Evan keeps on hand on the back of John’s neck and runs the other down his back to cup his ass, pulling them closer together, and John makes the sound again in front of everyone in the mess – at least thirty people, and Evan can hear the frantic clicking of radios and the faint whir of the transporters that means more are gathering at the doors – and Evan grinds their bodies together.

John’s as hard as Evan is, and Evan pretty much has to lean in and kiss him again, drawing John’s tongue into his mouth and sucking on it. There are sounds around them, low voices, but nobody says anything directly to either of them, nobody makes a move to interrupt them. Evan’s pretty sure that most of them think this is some sort of elaborate practical joke, and for some reason it makes him incoherently angry, so he uses one hand to unbuckle John’s shirt and shove it from his body while the other works its way into John’s pants, Evan’s fingers warm on John’s ass, and John moves his hands from Evan’s shoulders to loop around his waist.

“What-” John asks, eyes dark and a little glassy, and there are times when Evan forgets just how damn easy it is to get John into that headspace where he just wants to be Evan’s, to do what Evan wants him to do. Evan’s not sure how far he wants to push this, how far John would want him to go if he were still in any way able to make that decision, but then John begs “Please,” and Evan drops his hand from John’s chest to his belt and tugs, and John’s only too eager to unfasten it and open his pants up.

“Bend,” Evan tells him roughly, and John turns and braces himself on the table and opens his legs as much as he can with his pants around his thighs. Evan runs his hand over the swell of John’s ass and dips his fingers between the cheeks, and John’s breath hitches and he pushes back and Evan’s already grabbing at the lube he keeps in his uniform pocket. He slicks two fingers and slides them in; John’s loose enough to take it, and he’s never minded the burn.

Sure enough, John moans and presses back onto Evan’s fingers, and Evan doesn’t even bother trying for a third before he opens his pants and pulls his cock out. He coats himself liberally with lube and positions himself. He’s taken out of the moment for a split-second by the sound of someone behind him saying something, but then John gasps and wriggles and Evan pushes forward and they both groan.

It’s smooth and steady, moving in and out of John, and Evan’s been sleeping with John for long enough to know what to do, how to finish it quickly for both of them. There’s no need to make this last, not here, not now, so Evan moves just so and wraps his hand around John and curls around his back, and he strokes in time with his thrusts and John clenches around him in time, and it’s an almost embarrassingly short amount of time before John’s spilling into his hand and Evan’s following him down the rabbit hole.

Evan pulls out and makes sure John’s well enough balanced on the table before he buttons himself back up. He helps John back into his clothing and pulls John’s forehead down to rest on his own when he’s done.

“You’d never,” he repeats, and it’s quieter, meant for John and not their audience.

“Never,” John rasps out, eyes burning through the distance between them.

Evan tilts his head and meets John’s lips in a kiss that’s more tender than anything else, and that’s when Evan realizes there’s been no sound from those around them in a while.

When he glances around, the mess hall is empty save for the two of them, and Evan doesn’t wonder about who or why or how, not at the moment. He’s just thankful that it is.
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Love, jealousy, posessiveness, passion, heat (oh yes, very hot), and affection - really lovely stuff hon. Thanks
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This was all really hot, but my absolute favorite part was
and curls around his back
- it gave me such a wonderful mental image.
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