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Master List of Fics

I've redone the master list. Hopefully it's more organised now, easier to use.

Any Time (R, 3200) Either of them would do it. Any time.
Awake (PG, 1900) They just keep telling him to stay awake.
Balance (PG, 1900) John's dad has a stroke. AU Outcast.
Beginnings (PG-13, 3000) They met twenty years ago, under slightly hilarious circumstances.
Better (NC-17, 1900) Cam knows what John wants better than John does.
Beautiful (R, 1700) Cam loves John's dress blues.
Breakdown (PG, 1100) It’s three in the morning when Cam’s phone rings.
Breathing Patterns (PG-13, 1200) Cam thinks it's all his fault, and he's having trouble breathing.
Ecclesiastes (NC-17, 20,100) John's been kicked out of Atlantis, and Cam doesn't know if he can help. In three parts.
Fair Deal (NC-17, 1600) Cam's life is about to get more complicated.
Fairgrounds and Ferris Wheels (PG, 2100) Vala's helpful when she wants to be.
Falling Away (PG, 2500) John is dying, and all Cam can do is watch, until they're presented with another option.
Falling from the Sky (R, 4000) Moving on is never easy, or simple.
Fast Car (R, 1100) Maybe they've both got a thing for cars.
Ginger Ale (PG-13, 1000) John's happy for them, he really is.
Helping Hands (PG, 1700) Vala doesn't understand, but she can help.
Holiday Drabbles (G, 970) Ten holiday ficlets.
How It Happens (G, 1100) Declassification happens differently for all of them.
I Tell You, You Tell Me (G, 1300) Meeting the family when one of them is in the hospital.
it all goes away when the sun comes up (R, 12,500) It's six months after the disease spread through Atlantis, crippling or killing everyone in the CIty, and Cam's more than ready to get out there to help. In two parts.
it's still a symphony (even if the middle bit sounds wrong) (PG-13, 1300) The List Of Things Cam Doesn't Think About both is and isn't a good thing.
Lead The Way From All Is Lost (NC-17, 26,000) AU. Cam's not sure what he's expecting, but it's not John. In four parts.
Misunderstood (G, 1100) John ends up in the hospital, Cam does the best friend thing and sits a while, and John's brother Dave completely misinterprets everything.
More Than Flying (NC-17, 1200) It's easier when it's not in English.
Ordinary Days (G, 1700) Domestic bliss is applesauce and old hoodies.
Professional Assistance PG-13, 1600) John cannot figure out what's wrong with this electric car.
Revelation (PG-13, 3600) Cam just wants John to stop hurting.
Storms In The Skies We Live In (NC-17, 8700) John's being an idiot and Cam's getting upset.
Ten Top Trivia Tips About Cam Mitchell (NC-17, 3700) Ficlets in a row.
Ten Word FIclets (PG, 100) Ten ten-word ficlets.
They Break, They Bleed, They Heal (R, 5400) John will always be there for his best friend.
Through The Night (PG-13, 3100) Missions in Pegasus always end with someone holed up in a cave.
Thursday (G, 600) Cam doesn't really like Thursdays.
To Feel Whole Again (NC-17, 3700) John's life has kind of fallen apart since he left the precinct. Vegas AU.
Waking (PG, 900) John wakes up first the morning after.
War Widows (PG, 3200) They're the ones left behind to worry.
what is left at the end of the day (R, 1100) Some choices are easy to live with. Some aren't.
What John Loves (NC-17, 1500) John was born to suck Cam's cock, and Cam loves to tell him so.
Wordless (G, 850) John isn't sure when he internalized don't ask don't tell so deeply that it became don't speak, but he knows he has.

Battery Operated (G, 700) At the end of the day, Atlantis was battery operated.
Beach Day (NC-17, 1600) John decides that Evan needs a day off.
Escape Plan (PG, 1100) 'Hiding from McKay and/or other scientists, pick a reason."
Flavor (PG, 1000) Evan's eating Jell-o, and John wants to know how it tastes.
In The Air (PG-13, 1100) Flyboys do it in the air.
life not a dream (NC-17, 1700, non-con) Forced soulbonding for dark_fest.
Morning (G, 520) Mornings are beautiful.
Multiplication (NC-17, 2500) Suddenly, there are four Evans and one John. Everyone likes these odds.
Never Would (NC-17, 1300) Evan's sure that John never would, and John knows he wouldn't.
Not Nothing (R, 11,000) John doesn't think of Atlantis at first.
Nowhere To Go (NC-17, 1500) John looks so pretty all tied up that it's almost a shame to do him, so Evan takes his time.
Perfect (NC-17, 1000) Evan thinks this is pretty much perfect.
Second Chances Lost (PG-13, 2900) John will never do this again.
Surprise, Surprise (PG, 750) Rodney thinks nothing John can do will surprise him.
Terrible Idea (NC-17, 2100) This, Evan reflected, had been a Terrible Fucking Idea.
today and yesterday and tomorrow (PG-13, 2600) John goes missing. Evan finds him.

Better Than Paperwork (NC-17, 1800) Evan's busy, but David Has A Plan.
Challenge (NC-17, 2000) Evan's a control freak, and David just wants him to lose it.
Coming Home (NC-17, 1400) Evan's been away for five weeks.
doctorofplants: Reports From The Pegasus Galaxy (G, 1300) Sometimes David wonders why he does it.
Falling Together (NC-17, 2700) All of a sudden, it's not casual.
Lazy Day (R, 1300) This is finally allowed.
Marking (NC-17, 1300) Evan's never had this urge before.
Monster (R, 1300) A monster waits in all of us.
Mud (NC-17, 1200) Evan and David have to clean up after falling down a muddy hill.
oh what a difference time makes (G, 1800) David is de-aged and thinks plants are boring.
Relaxation (PG, 1000) Evan needs to relax. David helps.
Sunburn (or, Evan's Goddamned Day Off) (NC-17, 900) Evan had had the date saved for weeks.
Test Flight (NC-17, 1000) Jumper porn.
Things Go Wrong (PG, 1500) Sometimes missions just go wrong.
Vacation (NC-17, 1500) Vacation is awesome.
Vacation Spot (G, 500) It's just beautiful here.
Warmth (R, 1500) M2L-439 is a chilly place.

Other Slash
Better Days (PG-13, John/Ronon, 1400) Vacation isn't that exciting when you stay with your family.
Earth and Sky and Friends (R, David/OMC, 1700) Matt's the only person that David's ever told.
Fault (R, Evan/Bates, 1700, non-con) It's Evan's fault that they're dead.
Forget (NC-17, John/OMC, 1000) John's just trying to forget.
Here And There (PG-13, Cam/Evan, 1300) Evan wakes to familiar surroundings, but they're not the ones he was expecting.
Not Too Bad (NC-17, Cam/Daniel, 750) 'As first times went, though, Cam thought it wasn't half-bad.'
Rain May Come (But I Don't Care) (PG, Cam/Evan, 1100) It might be raining, but that's just an excuse for cocoa.
Same Page (PG, 1100) Sometimes John doesn't hear very well.
Seven Years (NC-17, Cam/Evan, 2700) It's been seven years since Evan left Cam.

Cultural Exchange (NC-17, Evan/Teyla, 2000) There’s a carving on the bedstand that Evan’s never seen before, and he picks it up in fascination to take a closer look.
Until None Remained (PG-13, John/Teyla, 3200, character death) 'They were four, four against the world, the galaxy, perhaps even the universe.'
Work To Do (PG-13, Rodney/Jennifer, 1300) AU for 'The Last Man.'

Pleasing the God (NC-17, John/tentacle machine thing?, 1000) for sga_kinkmeme .

Multiple Pairings
Fish In A Barrel (R, Evan/David, John/Cam, 16,600) By the time they figure it out, it's almost too late.

Apology Accepted (NC-17, John/David/Evan, 1800) John's pretty sorry.
Asking Nicely (NC-17, John/Cam/Evan/David, 2500) David is always so polite.
For What It's Worth (PG-13, Evan/John/Cam, 1300) At least they made it, for what it's worth.
Hard Enough (PG-13, Evan/David/John, 1000) It's hard for all of them
Silent (NC-17, Evan/John/Cam, 1600) Evan loves that they don't have to speak.
Support (PG, John/Cam/Evan, 800) John wants to tell Dave. Cam and Evan aren't so sure.
Welcome Home (NC-17, John/Cam/Evan/David, 1000) David likes to watch his partners together.

A Life of Routine (G, 160) Life on Atlantis is anything but routine.
A Month of Sundays (PG, 1800) On Sunday, Rodney didn't go fishing with Carson. He doesn't know how to deal with Monday or any of the rest of the days that follow that decision.
Allies (G, 1000) Radek and Evan come to an understanding about their respective bosses.
Alone (G, 8000) There's a reason Rodney is never by himself.
Authority (PG, 1600) 'Character is shown the error of his ways.'
Breathe (R, 1100) It started with a little coughing.
Cold (G, 650) Teyla and Torren are trapped in a snowstorm, and it's cold.
Grief (G, John, Teyla, 700) Everyone needs a chance to grieve.
Hate (PG, 600) Michael hates what they've done to him.
Irrational (G, 800) 'This, Teyla thinks as she surveys her situation, is irrational.'
(Mis)adventures of P3X-073 (PG-13, 3400) 'P3X-073 was, Cam decided, hell.'
Referee (G, 900) Evan wondered how he'd gotten roped into playing ref.
Ritual of Remembrance (PG-13, 900, self-harm) It was a matter of remembering, at first.
Scar (PG-13, 1400) Teyla hate the scar, but there's nothing to be done about it now.
Scream (PG, 800) 'She's screaming and it's all he can hear.'
Survival (PG, 860) Sarah Gardner has never been one to dwell on her own past.
third time's a charm (NC-17, John+weird!team, 5000) Kolya's not as dead as John thought he was. Contains non-con, character death, violence.
XOXO (G, 800) John and Torren have a conversation.

Everything, John/Cam
Everything (G, 1300) Cam is John's flight instructor. John is entranced by the planes; Cam is entranced by John.
Realization (PG, 1600) John thinks and talks to Cam.
Nights Like Tonight (PG-13, 1900) John hates nights like tonight.

Bonding, John/Cam
Bonding (R, 3600) 'Forced soulbounding.'
Next (R, 4200) Vala throws an unsurprisingly glitter-filled party.

…penguins. John/Cam
The One Where John And Cam Are Penguins (PG, 1300) Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.
The One Where Cam Finds An Egg (PG, 3100) And then someone got eaten by a whale.

Military Kink, John/Evan/Cam
Good Soldier (NC-17, 1300) Evan's a good soldier, and he always obeys orders.
Obey (NC-17, 1600) Evan does exactly what his commanding officer tells him to do.
Chain Of Command (NC-17, 3100) SG-1 comes to visit.

Cops and Robbers, John/Cam
Of Cops and Robbers (NC-17, 2000) John's going to make it up to Cam.
Again and Again (NC-17. 3300) Cam's got a new case to solve.
Creation Stories (PG, 2500) Of course John wants to play Twenty Questions when they're locked up.

Monsters, John/David
Here Be Monsters (PG-13, 3100) For spook_me 2010. It would be interesting, if they weren't about to die horribly.
Saying Thanks (NC-17, 1300) John's pretty grateful to David.

Wings'verse, Evan/David
Sensitivity (PG-13, 950) Evan has some new wings.
Angels Fall (NC-17, 1900) David likes touching Evan's wings.

Distracting, John/Evan
Distraction Technique (NC-17, 750) John's being distracting. Evan takes matters into his own... hands.
Duly Distracted (NC-17, 1100) Evan gives up when John continues his distracting behavior.

Fevers, John/Evan
Fever Dreams (PG-13, 1700) John gets sick and hallucinates; Evan protects him.
What Weight We Bear (R, 1900) Sometimes John's glad that Evan knows.

Hypotheticals, gen
Hypothetical (G, 1100) In which we find out that John likes his team and Evan wishes he knew Superman.
C4 (PG, 800) 'That incident' mentioned in Hypothetical.

Lost and Found, John/Evan
What Once Was Lost (PG, 1000) John was missing for sixty days.
Now Am Found (PG-13, 4700) John has to talk about it but really, he doesn't want to.

Unexpected, gen
Unexpected (PG, 2600, character death) Evan goes fishing with Carson on Sunday.
To Remember (PG, 1400) Carson goes through Evan's things.

Kids'verse, Evan/David and John/Cam
Unforeseen Side Effects (G, 1400) That mission to M94-028 had some unforeseen side effects.
A Perfect Family (PG, 3200) Side effects sometimes have side effects. Also, baby!
Christmastide (G, 4000) It's the twins' first Christmas.
Secret Heart (G, 700) Ficlet. Cam gets some news and sends John an email.
Homecoming (G, 2600) Cam brings John home for the weekend.
Bedtime Stories (PG, 600) written by clwilson2006 David walks in on Evan telling the kids a bedtime story.
Family Saying (G, 1100) David remembers gardening with his Uncle Samuel.
Big Gay Weeding Fic (G, 300) Because I'm full of typos.
Unexpected, Round Two (PG, 4200) Cam should know better than to touch things in Atlantis.
Adventure (PG, 2300) Robbie and Angel have to find Daddy for Papa.
Of Purple Pumpkins and Princesses (PG, 4500) It's Halloween in Atlantis again.
Tis The Season (G, 1400) David takes the twins Christmas shopping.
Christmas Gifts (PG-13, 1200) They've spent forty Christmases together.

Virus'verse, John/Evan, John/Cam, Evan/David
It All Comes Round Again R, 9500
The Space Between R, 11,300. In two parts.
Waiting is the Hardest Part R, 13,000. In two parts.
Falling Into Things Left and Right R, 4300

Before The Storm - Amelie would do anything for Charles. Prologue. PG-13, 2700.
Taking Comfort - Set at the end of The Space Between. R, Evan/John, 1100.

Flightsuit!porn, (R, Evan/David) Inspired by clwilson2006 and this story, particularly number three, and the conversation that ensued.
to hell with them, anyway. (PG-13, John/Cam) Long for a drabble, but not really a fic. John and Cam talk politics.
Sex pollen pornlet, (NC-17, Evan/David) because clwilson2006 was having a bad afternoon.
Comfort pornlet, (R, Evan/David) because calcitrix made this.

Five Things
Five times John’s men were proud to have him as CO
Five secrets of John Sheppard's that John doesn't know Evan Lorne has discovered
Five times Cam thought about transferring to Atlantis

Four ways Cam proposed to John and one way John proposed to Cam

Hawaii Five-0
a day like any other (PG, 1300) It’s a Tuesday when it happens.
Adrenaline (NC-17, 1700) One day Danny realises that Steve actually gets off on this shit.
All In (NC-17, 1500) Steve notices something interesting about Danny's reactions.
All You Ever Wanted (NC-17, 2600) Danny likes to watch other people fuck his partner.
Authentic Jersey Pizza (PG-13, 1000) Danny owns a pizza shop and Steve stops in.
Beneath the Surface (NC-17, 3100) Danny had had a great night planned, right up until Steve had called.
break upon the waves (R, 15,500) When a case draws Steve back to the SEALs and the life he thought he'd never be pulled back into, he comes to some realizations and has to make a choice. In two parts.
bring you home again (PG, 1100) Danny brings Steve to the boardwalk in Jersey.
Comfort (PG-13, 1200) Somewhere along the line, they lose track of who's comforting whom.
Deliberate (NC-17, 1100) Steve's doing it on purpose.
Double Time (NC-17, 1100) Steve knows exactly what he'd do with two Dannys.
dreaming through the noise (PG-13, 1100) The third time Steve wakes up to find Danny watching infomercials on the couch is when it clicks that something is probably wrong.
Dressup (R, 3000) “I’m man enough to wear a skirt in public, Danny,” Steve drawls out with the lazy confidence of a man who’s pretty sure he can pull it off.
Edge (NC-17, 1200) For once, Danny's the one on edge after a bust. Steve helps him take the edge off.
Elegantly Across The Floor (PG, 3100) Grace asks Steve for a favor, and Steve obliges.
End Of Days (PG-13, 2600) Danny's wearing the bomb collar, not Chin.
filthy/gorgeous (NC-17, 1500) Danny's never been inside him quite like this.
For The Agent Who Has Everything (R, 1700) The one where Steve's a criminal and Danny's the Interpol agent in love with him.
Frame By Frame (R, 750) Danny's in New Jersey, and Steve is worried.
Good Vibrations (NC-17, 1600) Danny can keep Steve on edge for hours.
Here and Now (PG, 500) Sometimes you just need the reassurance.
Hold Me Up (NC-17, 1400) Danny has always been attracted to nice arms, and Steve's are kind of like a work of art.
hold the balance (NC-17, 4100) Danny vaguely supposes it was really only a matter of time before Steve ousted Rachel in the ‘crazy stuff my significant other has done’ category, but this – this is a doozy.
Holding Pattern (R, 6300) It’s been – well, some amount of time since the zombies arrived. They’re – somewhere, Danny knows, but he’s not sure where, or when they’re coming. All he knows any more is the inside of this storage unit and his partner. And waiting, and possibly losing his mind.
Hostage (PG, 500) It's even worse than he thought it was.
Hugs (G, 900) Danny can just tell that Steve gives awesome hugs.
it's not what you're sure of (it's what you don't know) (NC-17, 44,000) Art thief Steve McGarrett and his team come up against FBI Special Agent Danny Williams, and things spin wildly out of control from there.
just your typical saturday (R, 1000) Really, Danny hates his life. Honest. [Complete and utter crack.]
light guide me in (PG, 1000) It's the only thing that Danny can think to do to make up for it.
Lohe Pono (R, 1500) Danny can hear Steve just fine.
making mountains out of molehills (NC-17, 4200) Danny has to make some choices he's not exactly proud of, and Steve just wants to help.
Metaphorical Pancakes (G, 900) Danny makes pancakes and a gesture, which are more related than they seem.
Movement (NC-17, 1100) Steve isn't sure that he can lose himself in what he really wants. Danny's willing to help him try.
Multitasking (NC-17, 800) Steve can get off and watch the room at the same time.
Only Human (700, PG) Steve is drunk.
Problem Solving (NC-17, 2100) It takes about an hour for Danny to figure out that Steve had something to do with this.
Problematic (PG, 1000) Steve might have a thing for Danny's mouth.
Reassurance (NC-17, 1300) Steve doesn't know how Danny can still want him. Danny proves that he does.
Secret (NC-17, 1200) Steve figures out one of Danny's secrets, and Danny isn't exactly mad.
Shatter (PG-13, 500) Coda to 1x18. This might be what makes Danny shatter.
Smooth Operator (PG-13, 5300) Danny and Steve have to go undercover. On a cruise ship.
Something Else (NC-17, 700) Danny's not sure how he got here.
still be around when the sun comes up (NC-17, 2700) Danny has to figure out how to convince Steve that he's serious about this.
Sunday Morning Drive (NC-17, 1600) Danny's idea of a Sunday morning drive is not normal.
the only thing that's real (NC-17, 1500) Steve has to focus on anything other than the thoughts that keep racing through his head.
the things I ask of you (NC-17, 1100) “Tell me,” Danny says softly, breathing the words against Steve’s chest. “Tell me what you want, Steve.”
things that matter too much to say any way but lightly (PG-13, 13,400) AU. Steve takes care of his daughter, Grace, after her mother is killed; he can't help but be intrigued by Detective Danny Williams, who's already lost everything. In two parts.
Thursday (R, 2500) Steve is antsy on Thursdays.
U-Turn (PG, 740) Danny can't take Steve's taste in music anymore, at least not like this.
Unspoken Rule (NC-17, 1100) It's a private room, right? Well, semi-private.
Weekend Away (NC-17, 1200) “Seriously, when you said ‘weekend away,’ this is not what I was picturing.”
well within my reach (PG, 1700) Danny's pretty sure that tequila loves him more than Steve at this point.
what you're relying on will lead you home (NC-17, 1800) Danny knows what Steve needs, even if Steve doesn't.
windup/cooldown (NC-17, 1100) Sometimes Steve winds Danny up on purpose.
Wired (NC-19, 1000) Steve's too wired to sleep, and Danny has given up trying to dissuade him.
you give me miles of mountains when I ask for the sea (R 8300) Danny has been back in Jersey for a year, living with Rachel and his kids. When Steve finally gets out of prison, Kono calls, and things don't quite turn out like he thought they would.

Rhyme and Reason (R, 2600) Danny is kidnapped on his wedding day. Of course he is.
First Day (PG, 1000) Danny and Steve finally get their wedding.

Ficlet in which Steve and Danny buy condoms.
The Bawdy Tale of Sir Steven and His Hips (as written by Sir Daniel Williams, long-suffering Knight-Detective)

Other Pairings
Gut Feeling (Rachel/Danny, implied Steve/Danny, NC-17, 1800) Rachel has learned to trust her feelings.
Stress Relief (Steve/his SEAL team, NC-17, 1100) Sometimes it's the best way for all of them to destress.
this woman's work (Rachel/Stan, Rachel/Danny, Steve/Danny implied, R, 11,600) Sometimes your choices are not your own.

Heartlines (PG, 1000) Danny shakes, after. Post-2x15.
help for the helpless (R. 1900) Mary's just glad that she can help her brother.

Unchained Melody
Melody, Unchained (Steve/Mary, NC-17, 6300) They're not hurting anyone. (For the LOVE OF GOD READ THE WARNINGS.)
Time Can Do So Much (Steve/Mary, R, 1400) It takes Jack a while to figure it out. Sequel to Melody, Unchained.

Family Portrait (PG, 1000) There’s a crackling noise and a smell of smoke and ozone, and Helen’s heart leaps into her throat as she turns her head toward the source. There’s a moment of silence as John takes in the scene.
Impropriety (G, Druitt/Watson, 1200) Some things are les than proper, and some are improper.
Perhaps Unwise (NC-17, 1700) This isn't a good idea, but neither of them really care.
the next best thing (is just what we both needed) (NC-17, Tesla/Sam Carter, 1200) She might not be Helen, but he's okay with that.

Adjustments (NC-17, 2000) Tentacle porn. No, really, that's it.
make love not war (NC-17, 4600) “What is it?” Steve asks, frowning at the cup in his hands. Reed’s expression is nothing but earnest, but Steve has seen that look precede far too many catastrophes to trust it.
round world with a square heart (PG, 1800) Steve doesn't quite fit in here.
Tradition (G, 1000) There are a lot of things that are different about the future, but Steve still expects a few things to be the same.
Warmer (NC-17, 1800) Steve's been frozen for seventy years. It's understandable that he's a little chilly.

Same As It Ever Was (PG, 760) Steve's the same, for all that he's different.

Soothe (PG, 700) Clint kind of feels like crap, but he's pretty sure he's going to make it.

Other pairings
And So It Goes (PG, 15,800) The Avengers is a moderately successful band, well on its way to becoming a mainstream hit when guitarist Bruce Banner has to take a sudden leave of absence. Lead singer Clint Barton and the rest of the band have to find a replacement, and Clint thinks that the former guitarist/lead singer for Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes, is a sure thing. Nobody counted on Bucky knowing Steve, or the strain that might put on Steve's relationship with Tony. On top of that, Bruce reveals that his leave is going to be more permanent than he originally thought just as the band is on the verge of being signed to a major label. It’s no surprise that Clint drowns his sorrows in Billy Joel.
every sigh and scream we make (NC-17, 3300) Bucky Barnes is not what Clint was expecting.

by the light we see (PG, 8100) It takes a little while for Steve to notice that something isn't right with Tony.

DC Comics
Cause and Effect (PG, 1000) Kon really does want to take Tim to this dumb dance. He's just not entirely prepared to handle the fallout.
Tonight at Eleven (PG, 1000) Vicki Vale has really, really poor timing.
too close to the truth (PG, 1700) Tim figures it out when he's fifteen.

give until you bleed (out) (PG-13, 1200) Tim wakes up in the Cave. He’s in the med bay, which isn’t surprising; all of the monitoring machines are off, which is. He shrugs and sits up carefully, wincing preemptively for the pull of stitches that doesn’t come.
     Part two (PG-13, 2600)
     Part three (PG-13, 3100)
when the music is gone (R, 21,000) What happens after the world ends? You go on, of course.

Other pairings
A Question of Self (NC-17, 3400; red-haired Jason Todd/RHaTO Jason Todd/Lost Days Jason Todd, with bonus priest Jason Todd) Jason is a priest, yeah, but the other hims... aren't. It's fine as long as he doesn't touch, right?
and I woke up one morning (PG-13, 4500; Roy/Jade) Jade doesn't mean to get into a relationship with Red Arrow, and she certainly doesn't mean to fall in love with him. Sometimes life is surprising.
Curtain fic (G, 800; Dick/Tim) Tim needs to buy some curtains. Dick helps.
Fathers, Be Good (PG-, 11,600; Dick/Jason) Co-written with ariadne83. When Dick gets a phone call from his long-dead brother and hears a baby in the background, he drops everything to help.

Housewarming (NC-17, 3200; Dick/Steph) Steph has a new apartment, and Dick has a present for her.
Life, Still (R, 1450; Tim) Tim is visiting with the pictures tonight.
Pushy (NC-17, 1800; Kyle/Jason) They don't actually like each other. Most of the time. Really.

and all the beautiful things (R, 1100) There's crazy and there's not, and then there's Jason.
Scatterglass (PG, 1100) Jason comes back in pieces, broken and bandaged and bruised. His body comes back and his memories follow a year later, and even then there are holes, things out of order.
things we've handed down (G, 1000) Mar’i Grayson is born into a family that defines both unconventional and loving.
Through the Smoke and Mirrors (PG, 3200) His mind supplies a helpful flipbook of his family’s facial expressions should they put the pieces together: Dick’s confusion, Damian’s laughter, Bruce’s narrowed eyes.
try and help you (R, 1700) “This is not good,” Tim mutters, looking around the small cell again. “Seriously, this isn’t good at all.”
What We Leave Behind (Sometimes Finds Us) (G, 1100) “Something is wrong,” Aric says when Damian picks up the phone. “Petros needs you.”

Hunger Games
Realest (G, 1000) It takes days, weeks, months, but slowly the color comes back into her face.

Brother (G, 600) Clark had wanted to do it himself. Post-2x08, and deals with the events of that episode.

Doesn't-Aren't-Isn't(Is) (G, Tony/Ziva, 1200) It doesn't matter, except when it does.
Survival (PG-13, gen, 4200) Everything can fall apart in an instant, and it is in that instant that you find out what everything means to you.
Then Who? (G, McGee/Abby, 1600) McGee and Abby figure out why Ziva left. Post-Aliyah.
Treasure (G, gen, 1300) Gibbs finds an unexpected treasure.

McWho Master List Silly short stories, written for a challenge to incorporate a silly McGee-nickname into a story. No real spoilers. 21 chapters to date. PG, gen. 17,000

Boondock Saints
Always (PG-13, gen, 2000) Connor's been having bad dreams.
Fucking Murphy (R, Connor/Murphy, 440) Everything in Connor's life has always been about Murphy.
Good Catholic Boys (PG-13, Conor/Murphy, 2000) They were raised as good Catholic boys, and it affects everything they have ever done.
One Hundred Words  (R, assorted, 10,100) One hundred 100word drabbles, some canon, some not... all BDS, though. In two parts.
Red (PG-13, Connor/Murphy, 1400, character death) Murphy has always loved the color red.

Comment fic
I'm addicted, and post en masse. Multi-fandom, from stuff I write regularly to stuff I... really, really don't, there's a bunch of ficlets here.
Thirteen ficlets, 5,727 words
Twelve ficlets, 3,719 words
Twelve ficlets, 5,348 words
Ten ficlets, 4,953 words
Six ficlets, 6,138 words
Twelve ficlets, 5,566 words
Eight ficlets, 3,490 words
Five ficlets, 2,607 words
Fifteen ficlets, 5, 476 words

when there's nothing left to burn (you have to set yourself on fire) Robins, 12 songs, 51.9 minutes, 87.64 MB
you make your nest where you land Dick Grayson, 10 songs, 36.7 minutes, 54.55 MB
little broken boy (lost and looking) Jason Todd, 11 songs, 44.4 minutes, 77.64 MB
with a love that's blinding Tim Drake, 11 songs, 53.9 minutes, 85.81 MB
dance me to the end Stephanie Brown, 10 songs, 43.7 minutes, 78.7 MB
keep finding home Damian Wayne, 12 songs, 43.2 minutes, 78.6 MB
I have seen the darkness (I have been the light) Dick/Steph, 12 songs, 44.8 minutes, 75.84 MB
Symbolon story fic mix, 14 songs, 59.5 minutes, 77.59 MB

love is a war zone Clint/Coulson, 10 songs, 40.7 minutes, 59.92 MB
more than the sum of my parts Clint Barton, 16 songs, 1.4 hours, 130.57 MB

Hunger Games
spark Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark, 14 songs, 1 hour, 88.06 MB

Bingo Cards/Prompt Tables
In case you want to see the whole card and layout and such. The individual stories are all linked up properly were they should be.
kissbingo 2010
schmoop_bingo 2010
au_bingo 2010
hc_bingo 2010
kink_bngo 2011
hc_bingo 2011
cap_ironman bingo 2012
kink bingo 2012
Hawaii Five-0 Prompt Table
10_hurt_comfort tables

...if you happen to notice something I forgot to put on here or some sort of coding error (like me linking to the wrong story - whoops) pleace comment and let me know so I can fix it :)
Tags: avengers, bingo, boondock saints, five-0, hunger games, master list, ncis, prompt table, sanctuary, smallville, stargate

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