sometimes falling apart is beautiful

but only if you know how to look at it

9 August
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about me:
This is mainly a fic archive.

I'm a twentysomething woman living near the beach in New Jersey (not the shore, don't say the shore, only the tourists call it the shore). I have a crazy cat, an addiction to Diet Coke, and a Macbook, and that's about the extent of it.

my journal:
I'm currently into Hawaii Five-0, Marvel Avengers, DC Bats and Arrows, and a few other things on the side, but I'm open to suggestions. I'll always love Stargate, too, even if I'm not as into the fandom as I used to be.

Feel absolutely free to friend me if you want to follow my fics. No need to ask! I probably won't friend you back if I don't know you that well, so feel free to introduce yourself if you'd like, but if you're just here for the fic add away :)

I'm on fanfiction.net, AO3, Livejournal, and Dreamwidth as somehowunbroken. These are the only placees that my fic is archived. If you see it elsewhere, please let me know.

You don't have to ask my permission to transform any of my work* in any way: podfic, translations, remixes, art, or anything else is always welcome around here! Please do let me know when you finish and where you post it - I'd love to see it, and I'd love to include a link to it.

(*The only exception to this is the Stargate story "Lead The Way From All Is Lost." If you want to work with this story, please contact me.)

People sometimes ask me what sorts of things I like. My answer is, unhelpfully, "all the things." Really. I like fics and icons and fanmixes, manips and podfic and vids, traditional art and digital art and... all the things.

I love feedback on my stories, and I appreciate constructive criticism on what I write. If you'd like to leave me concrit but are nervous about putting it on the story, feel free to PM it to me. This includes things as little as typo catches up to and including discussions about writing style or characterisation or what have you.

thinky thoughts:
"Writing is like having about twenty boxes of Christmas decorations. But no tree. You're going, Where do I put this? Then they go, Okay, you can have a tree, but we'll blindfold you and you gotta cut it down with a spoon." -Carolyn Chute

where credit is due:
Icons are attributed to whoever made them; if there's no credit, it's one of my own design. Feel free to use any of mine as long as you credit.